CSGO Betting — how to bet and win

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has long changed the status of one of the most popular computer games to an even more prestigious title, becoming one of the most famous disciplines in eSports. The prize Fund of prestigious tournaments is millions of dollars. A multi-million-dollar army of fans follows the achievements of favorites, winning simultaneously with popular teams. By choosing bets on CS:GO, you can monitor streams in real time. Thanks to this, the effect of participation is provided, and gambling emotions are off the scale.

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choosing bets on CS GO: game features

In one of the most popular eSports disciplines of modern times, the basic rules of shooter, which is the basis for tournament matches, have been preserved. Teams must complete missions on the map, the successful completion of which ensures victory over opponents. The participants possess an extraordinary tactical abilities and a high speed of response. One of the possible options for victory is the complete destruction of the characters of the other team.
At the beginning of the match, participants determine which side they are playing for. You can choose terrorists or special forces. Each match is played up to several wins. This confirms the absolute superiority of the winner over the opponent. Victory on the map is fixed after 16 rounds played.
The first Counterstrike tournament was held in 2012. The time of one of the first eSports competitions coincided with the heyday of online betting. Bookmakers almost immediately opened the opportunity for fans to bet on CSGO.
One of the most interesting features of Counterstrike matches was the spontaneity and difficulty of making an accurate forecast with 100% probability. As a result, even analysts of major bookmakers can not accurately name the winner, which opens up excellent betting opportunities for every fan of the direction. The experience of successful bettors shows that rooting for the winners of eSports battles can be just as profitable as competing in major world-class tournaments.

how to bet on CS:GO

As in all popular sports, it is worth betting on the best teams after understanding the subtleties of the discipline. Before making a forecast, you must:

  • collect as much information about your opponents as possible;
  • view all current information that appears before the meeting;
  • follow current trends in eSports;
  • evaluate participants ‘ motivation and the importance of winning;
  • select bids according to your financial capabilities.

Counter Strike tournaments are traditionally divided into majors and minors. The latter are low-level competitions. The prize pool in such eSports games is weak. But the winners get the opportunity to compete in larger competitions, where the prize pool reaches several million dollars.
Majors are the biggest competitions. One of the most prestigious tournaments is organized by Valve. This Major brings together the most powerful teams in the world. The winner of the major takes the prize Fund of one million dollars.

Types of bets on Conter-Strike

The painting for each match is determined by the importance of the event. The bigger the tournament, the wider the betting range. Most often, in Counter-Strike matches, you can bet:

  • on the winner-determining which of the opponents has a higher chance;
  • with a head start, choosing a positive head start for the outsider;
  • on the total of the game;
  • on the total of individual rounds.

You can bet on counter-Strike tournaments and matches both in pre-match and live. Thanks to the ability to bet in the course of the game, the bettor gets the opportunity to experience the full range of emotions guaranteed by participation in such bright events.